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Karmøy Skipsconsult AS was established in 1977.

Since then the company has become a versatile engineering company working in industries like:
Shipping & Offshore industry
Construction Drawings, shop drawings, strength and stability calculations etc.

The company consists of 10 employees where 8 is mechanical and naval architects. The majority with an experience of 10 - 12 years.

We provide technical services on a broad front and uses advanced equipment with high standard.
• Design and drawing performed in AutoCad and 3D using Inventor.
• Strength calculations are performed in Inventors analysis program FEM.
• Manual Calculations are performed Staad III or SAP2000, in accordance with the specified standard or classification rules.
• Stability and tonnage calculations are performed in Hypet and Ship Shape.
• Nauticus is used for strength calculations of ships and Lashcon from DNV are used for sea navigation.
• Stability and tonnage calculations for all types of ships. (Three different stability programs.)

We have a broad experience in remodeling of rigs and offshore steel sections, construction of self-throwers of different types of cargo handling with traverse, excavator and conveyor belts.

Our company constructed the world's first Multi Deck Handler, which is a traverse for safe anchor handling on offshore vessels.

Some of the companies on our client list:

Offshore / Industrial:
Hydro Aluminium Karmøy, Statoil Hydro, Westcon, Grenland KSI, Skude Verft, AF Decom
Solstad Offshore, Aasen Shipping, Eide Marine Service, Skanska, Bukser og Berging, Haakonsen Marine, Møkster Shipping.

Facts about our company:

Subsidiaries: Karmøy Skipscconsult Management AS, Unisea AS, Unisteel AS, UniEngineering AS og Ankerbygget.
Total annual revenue: Approximately 70-80 million.
Result: 12.8% of total revenue.